DTZ Achieves Positive Impact with Proposal Development


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Apr 23, 2015


At Qvidian, we talk a lot about owning the success of our customers. While many companies abandon their relationships with their customers at the point of sale, we know that partnering with our customers is what enables them to move the needle for their organization.

Today, I am sharing a recent conversation I had with Dimitrios Tramboulakis, Proposal Department Manager at DTZ. DTZ is a global leader in commercial real estate services providing occupiers, tenants and investors around the world with a full spectrum of property solutions. DTZ provides property management for 1.9 billion square feet and facilities management for 1.3 billion square feet. With headquarters in Chicago, DTZ operates in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Greater China and the Americas. DTZ has more than 28,000 employees in more than 260 offices that operate in 50 countries.

Kathy: Dimitrios, how long have you been with DTZ and what is your role there?

Dimitrios: I’ve been with DTZ for about ten years and I manage the proposal department for the Facilities Management Services division.

Kathy: What is the impact of proposal development on your company?

Dimitrios: To us, proposal development is the first glimpse a potential customer gets into how we operate. In addition to the standard information and response to RFP questions, our response is one of the first steps in building a customer’s confidence in DTZ, and we want to give them a solid solution presentation, display our speed and efficiency and project professionalism. First impressions are critical, and when it comes to facilities operational functions, a proposal is just that. 

Kathy: Can you tell me what things were like when you first joined the company ten years ago? How did you handle proposal generation back then?

Dimitrios: In ten years, I feel like I’ve seen it all. When I first joined the company, we did not have any system that could help us with proposals or anything that we could use as a library. As was typical with many other companies, we just had folders with subfolders with everything stored in a shared drive.

As any other proposal development professional will tell you, it was a nightmare. Working with folders, there was no way to search for something specific. There were work-arounds, but they were time consuming.  We couldn’t be sure we had the latest information, and it felt like we were recreating the wheel every time. Updating records and information is a long process, and when we updated something, there was no particular way to inform colleagues of the updates unless you did it manually. There was also no tracking system for ensuring the accuracy and security of records.

When you use Qvidian Proposal Automation (QPA) it’s like night and day. Everything lives in one place. It’s easy to keep track of your records. You do have a functioning library. You know who’s in, who’s out, when it was used and where it was used, which is something that was impossible before. Of course, there’s also the automation part of the proposal generation, which makes life much easier.

Kathy: Dimitrios, there are many features and functions within Qvidian Proposal Automation software. What are some of the ones you like best?

Dimitrios: One of the features that I like best is the ability to affect the architecture of the process. Through Qvidian’s training, I learned how to set up documents, update information, change the look, and customize the information that’s requested for each one. Those changes are universal. That makes it very easy for my team to go in afterward and use everything that I’ve set up. They don’t have to ask any questions. Everything’s automated to generate a draft template that we then use to tailor solutions for each individual response.

Kathy: How has Qvidian Proposal Automation benefited you and DTZ?

Dimitrios: It’s benefited us in many ways, but I’d have to say time savings is at the top of the list. There are many variables in proposals, but a typical proposal that goes beyond standard requirements is very quick with QPA. We can generate such a proposal in half the time it used to take.  Add to that all the functionality I already mentioned with the library, branding, and tracking, and it’s quite a lot.

Kathy: Dimitrios, would you recommend Qvidian to others?

Dimitrios: Yes, I would, and I do quite often. In the past, I had some professional acquaintances who hadn’t heard about Qvidian. When I told them how we use it, they were excited. We got on a conference call so I could show them. I was just very happy with the product and I wanted to share it with them because I know what a difference it makes. In addition, the team that I have here is part of a larger team. Our organization, like many others, has gone through many changes. I’ve shared our success with QPA inside DTZ as well, and we will soon expand our use of QPA.

Kathy: Dimitrios, what’s your overall feeling about Qvidian?

Dimitrios: I’m definitely a fan. It’s not just that you offer a good product, but that you also offer good support. That’s very important to me. The Qvidian technical support team has been fantastic—more than just responsive, they are very knowledgeable and always there to help out.  Whenever I’ve put in a support ticket for something, within ten minutes someone has called me back, and within a few more minutes it’s solved. That’s how they keep me happy.

Kathy: And that’s our goal, happy customers!

Qvidian is dedicated to our customers’ success and it shows through the commitment and responsiveness of each and every department within our company. When you partner with Qvidian, you get a team that cares as much about your success as you do.