Doing the Impossible, with the Unwilling, for the Ungrateful


Posted By Qvidian | Dec 02, 2015


Proposal SoftwareAs you may know, Qvidian has been in the proposal and RFP business for longer than most have held jobs. It's in our blood, it's our pedigree and will be our legacy. We have seen the world of RFPs and proactive proposals evolve, and have not only been there to witness it, but led the charge to innovate a tedious and complex process.

We’ve reinvented how to think about RFP Management to bring in the most innovative technology and workflows to not only make things easier, but improve the overall quality of work. And with that - we help people be better at their jobs, more efficient individually, as a team and as an organization, and ultimately be able to spend more time doing the things they want to do than those they need to do.

Why is this important?  Well Sandy Pullinger from our partner nFold in South Africa sums it up best: RFP managers are doing the impossible, with the unwilling, for the ungrateful.

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Doing the Impossible – There is never enough time in the day of any proposal manager. Deadlines imposed by clients for responses are often unreasonable. Response time can be as little as 2 days, is about 10 days on average, and we’re lucky if we get 30 days to respond. During peak times, a proposal manager could be managing production of up to 20 complex proposals concurrently. Internal delays hamper progress.

With the Unwilling –  Poor internal process adoption puts proposal managers under pressure. People are late in meeting internal deadlines and the result is often over-worked proposal managers spending late nights and weekends trying to meet work demands. The people helping on a proposal effort usually have other responsibilities in addition to helping with the proposal and they seldom report into the proposal team, so accountability is lacking.

For the Ungrateful – Proposal managers sometime report in to operations, where the emphasis is on process efficiency rather than sales success. If they do report into sales, proposal management is often seen as a back-office function and proposal people seldom get the recognition they deserve for winning big deals. Their benefits and work environment do not always match the demands of the job. For example, they seldom get a bonus based on targets achieved and don’t get time off or overtime pay. As a result, many burn out or lead stressful lives at the expense of their health and their family.

Qvidian is excited for the next evolution of RFP management and proud to be a part of it.
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