Digitize Your Paper Sales Playbooks


Posted By Qvidian | Jul 20, 2015


Sales Playbooks are an integral part of any selling strategy. And if your playbooks are PDF or paper-based, you’re on the right path to refining your sales processes, but we’ll be honest – your strategy could use some personalization. Paper Playbooks are static and outdated the second your prospect switches gears – or catches you off guard with unforeseen data.  Digitizing your existing paper-based Sales Playbooks easily and quickly prepares you for having interactive and buyer driven conversations, providing your buyer with only relevant information at every step.  You could sell better.


Today’s business environment is ever-changing; it’s dynamic and fluid, just like a conversation. Buyers are sick of being sold to, and they’re hanging up the phone on the same old selling tactics. Digitizing your existing paper-based Sales Playbooks will easily and quickly prepare you for having interactive and buyer driven conversations, providing your buyer with only relevant information at every step.


It’s not about the process – it’s about the conversation. And  it’s personal. Follow these five best practices to digitize your paper-based Playbooks and stay agile:


1.       Consider the different groups using your Sales Playbooks – Playbooks are not just for Outside Sales. Dynamic Sales Playbooks ensure that all teams, from Sales Management to Sales Engineers, have the right information at the right time to streamline sales and keep the process on track.

2.       Automate routine activities with templates and workflow – Time is the currency of sales. Automating time-consuming tasks and following a prescribed process improves productivity and efficiency; ensuring more time for selling and less searching.   

3.       Use a variety of media to deliver content – PDFs and links are far from the only way to consume content. Including other forms of media (PPTs, videos, and other forms of dynamic content) presents your reps with well-rounded representations of content.

4.       Provide just-in-time guidance and coaching tips – Spoon feeding your reps with accurate information, in real time, and on a deal by deal basis, provides reps with actionable insight and builds confidence and prepares them for the win.

5.       Start plays with verbs for action (e.g., conduct, provide) – Selling activities are often confusing, lengthy and fragmented. Guiding your reps with quick and straightforward to-do’s in the form of actionable steps simplifies the sales process.

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Change is the only constant. Digitizing, and therefore personalizing, your existing paper-based or PDF Sales Playbooks improves your sales strategy by ensuring valuable and in-context conversations, delivering the right message at the right time to your customers.  In today’s business environment, your reps must have on-demand access to effectively communicate with prospects that are just like you: human. Keeping up with changing wants and needs is really the only natural way to sell; otherwise, you might just run the risk of pitching phone books for eternity. And when was the last time you saw one of those?

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