Dear CRM, Let’s Just Be Friends...


Posted By Anastasia Bogomolov | Nov 13, 2014


Here’s the story: Customer relationship management (CRM) promised to change how you do business, improve how you sell, and more. Sellers believed that with this technology alone, they would have better relationships with their customers, and marvel at new and organic growth. While a CRM database is essential, it’s not necessarily fulfilling the vision communicated when it was first introduced.

Here we go… Qvidian has received another anonymous letter. Things are getting complicated with CRM. Are you in the same boat? Send us your stories. Read the very first tearful goodbye here.

Dear CRM,

Do you remember when we first got together? I’ll be the first to admit; it was love at first implementation. We beamed with hope, with the promise of a better – more streamlined – tomorrow. We were out to change the world, improving the complexity of the sales process one sales rep at a time. We were partners in crime, my data and your nearly unrivaled ability to store it in your striking repository was one for the books – watch out Bonnie and Clyde! We were out to make history with grand plans to increase the productivity of our sales force, guide them on the path to effective sales execution, win more deals – oh my! This was our time, all that effort and money spent was going to pay off…we just knew it. And then my excitement wavered. The “!’s” came to a slow and steady stop.

Dear CRM, Let’s Just Be Friends..

What happened? Well, really, a whole bunch of nothing different wrapped in a pretty package of static data. I scrambled trying to fix things, believe me – I wanted to make this work as much as you did. I desperately tried to understand where we went wrong. I spoke to every single disappointed rep (they didn’t have a clue either – they were just following instructions, keying in that data), I spent days in Excel hoping to see improvements in our sales numbers, the list goes on. Nothing changed. Then it hit me: I needed an anchor, a coach, and you failed to guide me

Am I being too needy? You vowed to enable my sales teams by providing them with more access to data, but just how good is data without truly actionable insight? At the same time, you never promised to turn my data into in-context and on the go expertise for each specific deal…So who’s at fault here? They say writing is a form of therapy, so as I sit here pondering over the highs and lows of our relationship, I’m beginning to realize that we may just be better off as friends.

CRM, you will always necessary force in my life and in the day to day initiatives of my sales team.

Please don’t be angry with me – you are, and always will be, an absolutely necessary force in my life and in the day to day initiatives of my sales team. Your reporting and data collection capabilities are essential to my overall sales efforts, but you’re simply not built to give my salespeople guidance on how to sell more effectively. Sigh...

P.S. If it’s any consolation, I have many single friends in the market :)

Anonymous, Director of Sales

We are now at a tipping point where applications are uniquely positioned to change the way customer interaction happens. Data is just data, and your purpose was never to help my sales reps close more deals. New technology-powered processes convert back-end data into insight to help facilitate execution. By implementing guided selling and personalized sales content to complement your role, my sales reps will experience far greater ROI, and unlock the back-end value of this data.