Dear CRM, It’s Not You... It’s Me


Posted By Qvidian | Sep 11, 2014


Here’s the story: Customer relationship management (CRM) promised to change how you do business, improve how you sell, and more. Sellers believed that with this technology alone, they would have better relationships with their customers, and marvel at new and organic growth. While a CRM database is essential, it’s not necessarily fulfilling the vision communicated when it was first introduced.

Here we go… Qvidian has received another anonymous letter. Things are getting complicated with CRM. Are you in the same boat? Send us your stories.

Dear CRM,

It’s not you, it’s me.

Dear CRM, it's not you, it's me.

A high percent of my sales reps are not meeting quota, and unfortunately, managing contacts in your system does not guarantee locking in new deals (but I probably should have known this…). You haven’t been great at helping my sales reps understand how to stay relevant with their customers’ needs, nor have you helped them engage at the right time. At the same time, I’m left conflicted: you never promised to, so maybe this isn’t your fault

When I first met you, your original role morphed into escalating expectations for my sales reps. I should have done something about that. I could have stepped in and helped to complement your function. I failed to fully grasp your unfulfilled promise. I should have recognized your strengths, and sought out accompanying technology that could have helped satisfy the needs of my sales reps.

But I was too eager, and perhaps even too needy. I relied on you as a lifeline for my sales reps to grow and maintain relationships with new and existing customers. I now realize that wasn’t fair – I was looking for my sales reps to make quota faster, so I should have prioritized differently. Excellent leads may be funneled in and out with your help, but at the end of the day, it’s what’s done with these leads that actually closes deals and generates profit for my organization.

The bottom line: it’s not your fault. New technology is needed that will implement repeatable processes that increase ROI by using the knowledge you provide as a foundation, and sales execution technology just may be it.

I’d love it if we could still be friends.

CRM, I'd love it if we could still be friends.

Anonymous, VP of Sales

We are now at a tipping point where applications are uniquely positioned to change the way customer interaction happens. Data is just data, and your purpose was never to help my sales reps close more deals. New technology-powered processes convert back-end data into insight to help facilitate execution. By implementing guided selling and personalized sales content to complement your role, my sales reps will experience far greater ROI, and unlock the back-end value of this data.