Dear CRM…You’ve given me all you can give, but I simply need MORE


Posted By Qvidian | Jun 26, 2015


Here’s the story: Customer relationship management (CRM) promised to change how you do business, improve how you sell, and more. Sellers believed that with this technology alone, they would have better relationships with their customers, and marvel at new and organic growth. While a CRM database is essential, it’s not necessarily fulfilling the vision communicated when it was first introduced Here we go again… Qvidian has received another anonymous letter. Things are getting complicated with CRM. Are you in the same boat? Send us your stories. Read the very first tearful goodbye here.

Dear CRM,

My love tank is empty.

I sit here and ponder it all…what went wrong? Whose fault was it? But perhaps these are the wrong questions – perhaps what matters most now is moving on. At the same time, moving on – after so much time spent together, inputting copious amounts of necessary data – is hard, very hard. What’s even more difficult is the realization that you’ve given me all you can give – you didn’t really do anything wrong. So it must be me…I’m an only child after all, I’m spoiled. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a storybook romance  – you stored all of my data (I blame myself for making you little more than a repository for my emotions), but still something was missing – that zing, that little something extra…

In a nutshell:  we have it all, but we don’t have love – we’re missing the guidance needed to secure a bond, to make that special deal. We never truly felt that spark, we lacked the spice to transform our data into something actionable. CRM, you must agree, our relationship was bland. You know how I am, I thrive on the unknown! A free spirit, I simply cannot live a life of monotony! Do you recall our travels? How happy I was then...Well, I know now that it was less about our time together (don’t hate me for saying this!), and more about change. I’m addicted to it.

In the end, I need a partner who isn’t burdened by my needs to adapt on the go, all while taming my precarious nature. Is this a contradiction? Am I demanding the best of both worlds? Maybe -- but I won't settle for less.

I’ve given this some thought and I’m starting to think I’m just a Sales Playbooks kinda gal. Please don’t take offense, you’re the perfect fit for most, and you’ll find your match in no time. I just need more.

In Love and Friendship,

Anonymous, Sales Ops Manager

We are now at a tipping point where applications are uniquely positioned to change the way customer interaction happens. Data is just data, and your purpose was never to help my sales reps close more deals. New technology-powered processes convert back-end data into insight to help facilitate execution. By implementing guided selling and personalized sales content to complement your role, my sales reps will experience far greater ROI, and unlock the back-end value of this data.