Customization CAN drive ROI in Repeatable Sales Processes


Posted By Lewis Miller | Jun 26, 2014


Here at Qvidian, we firmly believe that the most effective leaders prepare their teams for success through a personalized selling experience. A large component of this stems from automation – however, our philosophy is that automation has the largest impact on ROI when implemented strategically with select processes and activities.

The key for personalization in the selling experience is scalability when interacting with customers. To accomplish this, leaders must have the right tools that make scalability possible for routine tasks that allow sales reps to focus on customer needs and lock in new business.

Automating everything in an organization will not necessarily enable sales reps to be more productive and have higher win rates. But by automating processes that address sales execution challenges, leaders can impact sales reps’ efficiency. An example of this is automating the proposal process. Proposal creation is a task that can be automated yet still scalable for sales reps, so that personalization is possible when engaging with customers and prospects from initial contact and ongoing negotiations, through discussions after the transaction is complete.

proposal automation

As we’ve learned by now, customers are more knowledgeable and smarter, and sales reps cannot afford to operate based on scripted processes if they expect to lock in new business and meet quota. Sales leaders can lay the foundation for a personalized selling experience by guiding sales reps through the proposal process that can often make or break a deal. While the structure for every proposal is the same, the content within this structure is different and tailored to each situation. Sales leaders must work with reps to say: Who is this proposal for? Why is our solution right? Is the timing right?

Asking the right questions of your sales reps is the first step towards guiding successful sales execution because it begins to outline a repeatable process through which personalized proposal automation can be conducted efficiently. Our customers have demonstrated that proposal creation is one of the best processes to automate because they experience direct ROI when a process is repeatable without losing personalization.

When done properly and efficiently, automating a scalable proposal process can help sales teams align with buyer needs, communicate value, and differentiate themselves to lock in business. For example, at our CONNECT client conference earlier this year, we sat down with some of our customers to hear more about how they make the sales process more repeatable with Qvidian:

“A task that may have taken one and a half to two days has now taken half a day. That is 8 to 12 hours saved on my part so that I'm able to move forward with the customizing or to start responding to a new RFP as it comes in” - Amy Stiver, Senior Business Development Specialist, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

“Qvidian has probably cut RFP response time down, at a minimum, 5 to 6 hours a week, and some weeks, 10 to 12. So that's a huge -- it gives you your life back.” -- Marie Hix, RFP manager, Beeline

“It takes us 60 seconds to run a proposal,” says Sharon Cox, Director of Proposal Resources Group at ADP Employer Services. “Qvidian makes it easy to setup templates for each of our sales documents, incorporating merge codes that allow us to personalize the content for each prospective client. It’s such an easy process.”

Consider whether your current proposal process does the following -- these questions will uncover whether your teams are in need of an easily repeatable process for proposal customization:

  • Align content and process to buyer stages and deal outcomes to present greater value?
  • Provide contextual deal specific guidance?
  • Lack consistency of quality and output?
  • Provide sales reps with positioning templates?

If you answered yes to some or most of these, your sales reps can benefit from an automated, scalable proposal process that guides them through a personalized selling experience to efficiently align with buyer needs. When sales leaders facilitate a specific process, sales reps can respond to selling situations, properly communicate value for differentiation, overcome sales execution challenges and grow their business.

How long does it take your team to respond to a proposal? Explore our powerful proposal software to learn how you can increase the efficiency of your proposal process.