A Custom Fit Works Wonders


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Jul 12, 2016


Have you ever enjoyed the luxury of having something customized for just you? Maybe you had a suit custom tailored, boots handmade to fit only you (how cool would that be?) or maybe you were able to finally order that certain automobile and had it customized to your specifications. If you have ever had one of these opportunities, do I even need to ask you how it felt? I remember having a business suit altered to fit me perfectly. The alterations made it so comfortable, I could wear that suit all day and into the evening and still be comfortable after all those hours. 

RFP and Proposal Software

Qvidian is one of those products that you can customize to fit your needs. Really! Our customers like Fifth Third Bank take advantage of these customizable features and use them to make the software fit the needs of their different users. Because they do, their colleagues who use the system, LOVE the system. It becomes easy and clear, no hassle, no fuss. I bet every Qvidian user would welcome that luxury. Who wouldn't? If you are managing Qvidian, you can give that to gift to your colleagues. They'll look at you like their hero! Instead of having to twist your colleagues' arms to get them to review or add content, they'll do it willingly. 

Barry Longhauser, Senior Knowledge Manager, at Fifth Third Bank talks in this video about how their usage rates are "off the charts" because they customize how their users access Qvidian. When they first started using Qvidian, they didn't segment or permission content so Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who went into Qvidian saw everyone's content. Naturally, that was overwhelming to them. They procrastinated in reviewing or adding content because of this and that made life difficult for the Product Managers. In searching for a way to make it easier for the SMEs, Barry and his team approached content in two ways. For SMEs that did not want to access the system, they would send them hyperlinks that linked to content needing review. For those SMEs who were comfortable accessing Qvidian, they permissioned the content so SMEs saw only their content. They were much more relaxed and reviewing content was no longer a chore to be avoided. These SMEs took ownership of Qvidian feeling like it was "their software" made just for them. You can't get much better than that.

Because of customizing how people are accessing content and accessing Qvidian, Fifth Third Bank's users are excited about Qvidian and are coming up with suggestions for additional ways in which they can use the software. As Barry says, "We're not quite ready to run with all those ideas, but that's a good problem to have."

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Fifth Third Bank now uses Qvidian even more for Content Management than they do RFPs (Requests for Proposals). As Product Managers, they are now receiving valuable insight into who is using the content they produce and what content they are using. They have noticed a dramatic increase in downloads of content from colleagues outside their team. What used to average 150-200 downloads per month is now averaging 7,000 - 7,500 downloads per month. Obviously, they are doing something right. Luckily for everyone, what they are doing can be easily replicated by every other Qvidian customer. See the details in this video and start customizing Qvidian for you and your colleagues. Once you do, the fit will be perfect!