CRM Ghost Town of Corporate Infrastructure


Posted By Qvidian | Jul 30, 2015


Picture this: You’re on a road trip through the all too diverse state of California. There are many places to see, to uncover. After driving up the coast, passing one breathtaking ocean view after another, you decide to be adventurous and veer away from your mapped out route – driving for hours to a place unknown. And then you see something looming in the distance…a ghost town. The scene is eerily void of buzz. Silence surrounds the stuff (abandoned homes, a railroad, countless stores, etc.) within what was once intended to be a lively place. Sad. Well, the evolution of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is much the same…

Consider the fact that CRM, much like a ghost town, is also filled with a whole bunch of stuff. True, the stuff (all that data) is absolutely necessary for the initial construct of a thriving customer management ecosystem. At the same time, the information your sales reps work overtime on inputting into this lost world is essentially just that: lost. If this doesn’t ring true, take a second to dust off some old accounts and see for yourself. Whatever happened to this account and to that contact? Like the abandoned town, your CRM system is essentially a holding space, a repository, for what never quite becomes whole – or strategic. In other words, there’s only one thing that can bring a ghost (town) back to life, and that’s action. Similarly, your CRM needs to turn that lifeless data into truly actionable insight – allowing your teams to execute on that information effectively, bringing it to life.

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CRM Ghost Town of Corporate Infrastructure :

With Digital Sales Playbooks, your data gets that very boost. Your previously forgotten data is brought back to life when it’s used in context to a given selling situation. All of a sudden, you realize that your data is useful to the prospect at hand, and so it blossoms into something tangible. That’s sales execution for you, and it’s real. Executing effectively is also considerably easier to achieve than reviving a ghost town – you just need the know-how to make the magic happen.

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