Content Management Is (Should be) on Your Side


Posted By Kaitlyn Myers | Aug 31, 2015


It’s the sunny month of August, and let’s be honest – we’re all feeling rather…relaxed. At the same time, with September just a day away, you’re well aware that this feeling is temporary – so let’s just call August what it is: The calm before the Q4 storm. September brings with it not just traces of chill and rain, but anxious sales reps eager to close those month-end deals. And those summertime smiles? They’re replaced with overworked sales teams hectically gathering the content they need to perfect (no, scratch that – there’s little time to perfect)…to make their best sales pitch.

Long story short, these periods of chaos come out of nowhere, and your sales teams need all the help (or the information they need to sell to each particular buyer) they can get.

However, the process to manage, update and distribute sales content is also cumbersome and can be draining on an organization. And with so many hands and departments involved in the process, a poorly organized sales content strategy is almost the same as having no strategy at all; the potential for mass disorder affects content output in a very real way. What’s more, our recent Content Automation Trends report reveals that a whopping 77% of respondents cite that the frequency of reviewing and updating sales content is only somewhat, not very or not at all sufficient. Having access to reliable and timely selling content, does not have to be a Herculean effort, but it does require a defined strategy and underlying technology to support it.

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77% say content is important for effective sales, but only 40% say it actually helps

Moreover, 61% of survey respondents say that the size of their team will stay the same. This finding only reinforces the need to create more valuable content with the same or fewer resources. But given the evident difficulty of utilizing and managing effective content, scaling successfully can be difficult – at least in the case that everything on the content front remains the same.

To learn more, read through our Content Automation Survey report today.