Content Management - A Preview to the Event


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Mar 06, 2016


At Qvidian, we’re very excited about our March 8th field event in Boston, MA focused on Content Management – a critical topic for everyone working in the proposal field. Our panel discussion will include two Qvidian customers who will share their expertise and experience.

As a preview to the event, we asked Diane Hallett, AVP, RFP Manager, Eaton Vance Management and Laura Dimon, Sales and Marketing Analytics Manager, BackOffice Associates a series of three questions. Here are their combined responses:

Q: What are the biggest challenges facing proposal managers in today’s business landscape?

A: Responding to customized strategies, developing new language, demands on the team as the ‘go-to’ for firm information and tighter deadlines are all big challenges we face today. What makes it even more difficult is proposal managers have to meet these challenges with limited resources. Whether its time, budgets, or headcount – it’s never going to be an ideal situation. Don’t let that deter you from working with what you have and taking steps to create a proposal management process that works for your organization.

Q: How can proposal managers work more collaboratively with subject matter experts within their organization?

A: It’s essential to build relationships with your subject matter experts and to do this well before deadlines. The important thing is that this is not a one-sided relationship. Spending time explaining to them how collaborating with you is mutually beneficial is key. Understanding their needs and objectives will help you build these relationships. When you have a choice, phone calls win over emails. Thank you notes after the RFP has been submitted are a nice touch as well.

Q: How does content management help to offset the challenges that proposal managers face?

A: Managing your content well gives you peace of mind knowing that your information is updated and approved. Proposal managers often work under tight deadlines and don’t have the luxury of time. Content management is crucial in maintaining reliable and reusable information, which can be ready to use at the drop of a hat. This allows you to create timely first drafts that reveal where work still needs to done. Saving time on first drafts gives you more time to improve and customize your content. Ultimately, this helps to create the most compelling and meaningful proposals for your customers.

There is a great deal more to explore on the topic of Content Management. We thank Diane and Laura for sharing some thoughts and are excited to discuss this topic with all our guests on March 8th. Details of the event can be found here.