Refresh. Refocus. Review. Check-in on Sales Kick-off Initiatives


Posted By Kaitlyn Myers | Aug 15, 2014


It’s that time of the year again – the summertime calm before the start of the fall storm. And similar to those long past back-to-school jitters (sigh – the good ol’ days), the days and months ahead promise to both excite and overwhelm.

You’ve set a good deal of meaningful and achievable goals and objectives in the beginning of the year (you motivated the reps, recognized top performers, communicated the company plan, trained the team well, and so on – you did it all!) – and everything seemed underway. There was real momentum in the air, and it wasn’t just you feeling it.

We all know what came next - your sales teams were busy closing deals, using their new marketing content, but then vacations started happening and next thing you know...crickets…summer. So now, slowly – we’re still on August time after all, it’s time to stretch back into shape and give yourself and your reps a much needed mid-year boost.

Stretch back into shape and give yourself and your reps a much needed mid-year boost

Checking-in on key sales kick-off initiatives mid-year is almost as important as the annual kick-off itself. It’s really no different from getting regular maintenance on your car. Periodic adjustments ensure you are traveling efficiently. If sales behavior is disjointed from first of the year goals, your yearly sales strategy, including all of those high-fives and strides in momentum, might as well as have been a dream. In order to stay on track for a smooth ride into the remainder of the year, let’s re-invent the annual sales kick-off: refocus, review, and get back to business.

Here’s a quick checklist to help refresh your original sales objectives and goals planned at the beginning of the year:

Review and re-focus

Make sure to review your beginning of the year objectives. Have you refreshed your motivation, recognition, communication and training? Similarly to what you already do at a sales kick-off, leverage this time to do what can’t be done at the beginning of the year.

Adjust for sustained performance improvements

If something isn’t working, alter the course while there’s still time to reach year-end goals. What’s helping you achieve objectives? Is there anything that’s just flat out getting in the way? Make necessary adjustments by looping in others and surveying your best customers.

Focus on the critical path

Has your team lost focus? Are your reps executing on the critical-path goals and strategies put into effect at the new year sales kick-off? Has the new sales structure impacted the lead flow in certain territories? Cut the clutter and focus on the activities critical to success.

Track frequently

Make adjustments to support the accomplishments of your original yearly goals. Create a countdown toward end-year goals so that everyone in your sales organization knows exactly what needs to be accomplished. Use monitors or dashboards to make accomplishments visible.

Celebrate people, progress

Keep morale and excitement up. Highlight what went well in the first half of the year by charting revenues and progress in new territories. Celebrate star players and applaud milestones accomplished and progress toward goals, such as landing a key or strategic account.

Maintain Momentum: Mid-Year Check-in on Sales Kick-off InitiativesMissing the mid-year opportunity is the same as losing momentum over the entire remainder of the year. Remember half-time isn’t the end of the game and mid-year shouldn’t be the end of your check-ins with the sales team. Regular team reviews throughout the year groom and motivate your sales force for year-long performance.

Check out our new “Maintain Momentum: Mid-Year Check-in on Sales Kick-off Initiatives” Guide to make sure you’re fully prepped for the remainder of the year.