Cannot Do Without Qvidian


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Oct 26, 2015


When a financial institution recently asked their sales and proposal teams, "what's the one thing you absolutely cannot do without?" the answer was a resounding “QVIDIAN!” If you are a Qvidian customer, you already understand their response.

Consider this, 15 years ago, this company was writing RFP responses without any automation software or content repository. Imagine being the person responsible for finding and storing content with no place to put it. Naturally, once colleagues found out who was the one responsible for the questions and answers for proposals, they all came running to her. But come on, how much data can one person physically track without a content library? Try it once and you will do as this Proposal Manager did and call on the company to find a solution. When she asked for a solution, the company granted her wish with “Good idea! Make it happen.” You know what they say, “be careful what you wish for.” Only she didn’t need to worry. She found Qvidian.

With Qvidian, she found content management in a central library with search capabilities and tracking functionality along with automation making her life as Proposal Manager much easier. Her company found so much more. Now they were able to store and track data making it possible to keep their messaging and offerings consistent. A proposal can be as binding as a contract once it’s accepted. Having approved and current content lowered their risk. This customer also produces over 100 products and can include up to 30 products in one proposal. Qvidian’s flexibility enables them to handle this easily.

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What's the one thing you absolutely cannot do without?

When this institution brought in Qvidian, they had 60 people using the software. They are now up to 180. Most of the 180 are sales reps that use Qvidian for proactive proposals. In addition to keeping them on message, providing accurate and up-to-date data and content, Qvidian enables the sales reps to personalize each document not only with names and dates, but with language and phrases common to their prospect as well as images, charts, diagrams and more.

This company recognized, early on, the need for content management, RFP and proactive proposal automation and customization. When they engaged Qvidian, they received the benefits of these features such as achieving a 90% improvement in productivity, higher win rates and an improvement on risk management. They had more time to devote to developing their content and could breathe easy knowing they now had a system that worked for them.

As a Proposal Manager or Sales Rep, what’s the one resource you ABSOLUTELY could not do without?