Qvidian Customer Survey Cites Receiving Content On-time as Biggest Pain Point for RFP and Proposal Teams

Karen Meyer | Nov 15, 2016
The RFP/proposal automation space is rapidly evolving, and as a market leader, it is Qvidian’s duty to evolve too. To better understand the real issues that face proposal teams and sales executives, Qvidian conducted a survey of nearly 200 customers to uncover their biggest challenges, pain points and opportunities for growth. The respondents included proposal team members and sales executives from Qvidian's customer base of mid-sized and large companies who are involved in the RFP process. Key findings include:
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Announcing Qvidian Proposal Automation Spring 2014

Latest Innovation from Qvidian

Karen Meyer | May 22, 2014
This week, the Qvidian team deployed the Spring 2014 Release of Qvidian Proposal Automation. This was a major milestone in our product roadmap vision - this release was entirely focused on the user.  With a brand new interface, this release drives collaboration within sales and proposal teams, as well as streamlines workflows for creating personalized sales documents faster than ever.  
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Customer Hydration

Customer Hydration

Karen Meyer | Mar 10, 2014
Headed back from another great Forrester Sales Enablement Forum in sunny AZ and feeling an energy similar to what I experienced at last year’s forum. It’s a little different though. I started this year with two New Year’s resolutions: 1) drink more water and 2) understand our customers better. I’m happy to report I’m doing relatively well on both fronts. Both experiences, however, have been total eye openers for me.
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Sales Playbooks Mobile

Announcing Qvidian’s Sales Playbooks & Analytics Fall Release

Karen Meyer | Nov 12, 2013
Introducing Sales Playbooks iPad app! I’m excited to announce our Sales Playbooks & Analytics Fall Release and Qvidian’s Sales Playbooks iPad app. We’ve spent a lot of time talking with our customers, learning from Sales Executives, observing sales organizations, and developing this new functionality; I hope you’re as excited about these new features as we are!
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App Fever

The Mobile Workforce & Why You Should Care [INFOGRAPHIC]

Karen Meyer | Nov 8, 2013
The rise in popularity of the “Anytime, Anywhere” worker was profiled earlier this year in a Forrester study (2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends) and it's growing at a rapid pace.
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Cloud Computing

What the Shift to The Cloud Means for Sales Leaders

Karen Meyer | Jul 19, 2013
Let’s talk about The Cloud. I am unaware of a more overused and misunderstood term in software than “The Cloud”. It has come to mean anything and everything, from panacea to menace and all places in between. And Qvidian is a provider of “cloud-based” SaaS solutions!
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Introducing Qvidian Innovation Days

Karen Meyer | Jul 1, 2013
Here at Qvidian, we have long held the belief that innovation—true innovation—does not come from "the top", but rather comes from the ideas of the folks that create and work with the product on a day-to-day basis. All of our employees—regardless of role—have some cool little idea that they have been bouncing around in their head; maybe a product idea, or a way to make your (or somebody else's) job more efficient, or a process improvement to the way that we do our day-to-day.
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Newspaper boy

Announcing the Spring ‘13 Release of Qvidian Sales Playbooks & Analytics

Karen Meyer | Jun 3, 2013
It's a busy time to be leading Qvidian’s product team! On the heels of the availability of Qvidian Proposal Automation 10, I’m happy to announce the Spring ‘13 Release of Qvidian Sales Playbooks & Analytics is now available as well!
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Product Strategy Vision

Driving Innovation through a Strategic Product Vision

Karen Meyer | May 29, 2013
Wondering what goes on in the head of the person that leads Product Management for Qvidian? Other than when I’m going to have my next burger and when my 4 year old will be courageous enough to take his first bite, I’m continuously thinking about the challenges of salespeople and how Qvidian can help.
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Qvidian Proposal Automation 10 is Here!

Karen Meyer | May 28, 2013
I am thrilled to announce that the next release of Qvidian Proposal Automation is here!    The team has been hard at work to deliver this version that is truly a milestone in the Qvidian product roadmap. We hope you are as excited as we are for Qvidian Proposal Automation 10.  This release focuses key enhancements in the following areas:
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Who Are You?

Sales Enablement’s Identity Crisis

Karen Meyer | Mar 27, 2013
Like a great bacon burger, it’s taken me some time to appreciate and digest the rich content from the recent Forrester Sales Enablement Forum. I’m coming out of the food coma and that burger has now turned to energy burn on helping you solve your sales enablement problems. News flash – you have LOTS of them.
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Karen Meyer at Alexander Group’s annual Chief Sales Executive Forum in Florida

Cutting Through the Noise: a Few Conversations with Top Sales Execs

Karen Meyer | Oct 30, 2012
Last week, at the Alexander Group’s annual Chief Sales Executive Forum in Florida, I had the opportunity to spend quality time with some of the most successful and challenged Sales VPs in the world. And, after many conversations over a day and a half, it dawned on me that what these guys truly care about is very straightforward—and when it comes to successful selling, probably hasn't changed since the stone ages: **building and managing pipeline, and closing business**.
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7 Minutes in Sales Heaven

Karen Meyer | Oct 16, 2012
This week, I got a new iPad at work. I took it out of the box, set it up and configured it to work with the [sales effectiveness application](/sales-playbooks) I’m “in charge of” at work in just under 7 minutes. Before I did this, I happened to notice The Sales Guy (aka my husband) sitting in our dark “junk room” (formerly known as the garage) completely illuminated by his computer screen. Looking angelic really. I was so excited to show him the iPad and my work stuff that I bounded down the hallway into the darkness.
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