GUEST POST: The 7 Attributes of the Proposal Athlete

Darrell Woodward | Aug 4, 2016
I believe in the power of stories to persuade and influence but writing these stories is just one part of being a Bid Manager. It's the most challenging, differentiating and fun part in my opinion but Bid Managers need to have a blend qualities like well-rounded athletes and we share many of the same sorts of attributes.
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GUEST POST: Tackling a Complex Architecture

Darrell Woodward | Oct 15, 2015
An elegant solution, they say, is one in which the maximum desired effect is achieved with the smallest or simplest effort. As much as I am interested in having a solution, the journey to actually constructing that solution is what I find most exciting. In fact, the more complex the challenge, the more rewarding my journey is to meeting those challenges. Here’s a glimpse at my most recent undertaking.
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