Amy Stewart | Aug 24, 2016
At least two pennies, three nickels, and a shiny quarter are in the pocket of my jeans. I know that they are there, that $0.42 in change, but for the past week I haven’t found a use for them. Even if I buy something that costs less, I predictably dig for the dependable, never fear – always here – dollar bill. But, what if I bought a drink, or a pack of gum, and it cost exactly $0.42?
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When Collaborating with SMEs, Think “Is-Does-Means”

Amy Stewart | Aug 22, 2016
Let’s face it. Subject matter experts (SMEs) today tend to work in departments such as product management, product marketing, services, and engineering. This (obviously) makes them great at providing RFP responses that are factual, technically detailed, and highly accurate.
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How re-imagining Vanilla Ice’s lyrics can help improve proposal processes

Amy Stewart | Aug 8, 2016
While Vanilla Ice pales in comparison to Bob Dylan and other generations' spokespeople, we’ll always be grateful for his accidental contribution to helping us improve the RFP processes. Ah, Vanilla Ice. Who could forget him? 1990’s rap pioneer, fashion icon (if you like razor stripes on the side of your head), and … proposal expert?
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