Analytics You Can Use


Posted By Qvidian | Mar 17, 2016


Analytics have become a critical capability of any function. Technology has allowed us to place data behind things we never thought were measurable. And proposals and RFPs are no different.  The level of data available to understand what is effective in a proposal or RFP response coupled with productivity insights, allow for today's proposal and operations managers to be armed with the information needed to make better decisions.

In this light, we are excited to announce the latest in analytic capabilities for Qvidian Proposal Automation. With the February release, we've rolled out a new visualizer that allows customers the ability to create reports using standard and custom data in an easy to consume format so you can digest the volume of information available easily.

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Visualizer enables users to view and compile data to get insights into content usage, document type creation, user access and more. Reports can be displayed in several formats for easy interpretation of key metrics. Reports can be exported to Excel or PDF, saved for future access in Visualizer or used on a custom dashboard. Examples of some of frequent reports using Visualizer:


Example: Number of documents my team has built so far this year.

Example: Last login date for my team.

Example: Content Usage


So we hope you take advantage and harness the power that easy, visual data gives you in managing your proposal and RFP teams!

Check out the press release for more information.