Alive and Kicking


Posted By Qvidian | Apr 14, 2016


I was speaking with an editor of a publication recently who said that they keep hearing about the “death of the RFP” and asked me what we see in the industry. I replied simply – you can’t kill it. It’s also not about RFPs going away, it’s about the need to reinvent how we respond to them.

The day to day management of RFP responses has simply become considerably complex. Today, there is more volume in terms of the number of RFPs that teams receive, as well as larger number of questions within each. They are more complex in format and have far more technical-based questions, while at the same time organizations are dealing with more products and services to offset more competition. There are more compliance requirements, both internal and externally and increasing litigation risks. At the same time, the role and process of RFP management has received greater visibility and is no longer administrative and seen as much more strategic

Qvidian has customers that respond to thousands of RFPs in a calendar year, and many proposals are colossal in sheer size. We also have customers that respond to only dozens a year, but many even more colossal and equally complex. The fact of the matter is, RFP teams are burdened more than ever with increasing pressure to respond to a greater volume of RFPs with less response time, in some cases from what was weeks to now days. This pressure can be crushing, and that is where organizations need to focus their energy and think more strategically.

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The RFP is alive and kicking, and leading companies leveraging Qvidian have reinvented how they process and respond in order to be more efficient, productive, and drive more winning business. We too have reinvented, and our Spring Release is going to shake up the world of RFP management with a truckload of new innovations. So, for those that think we should do away with RFPs altogether, I say to you this – hold onto your socks, because Qvidian is about to revolutionize RFP management with overarching simplicity.