7 Minutes in Sales Heaven


Posted By Karen Meyer | Oct 16, 2012


This week, I got a new iPad at work. I took it out of the box, set it up and configured it to work with the [sales effectiveness application](/sales-playbooks) I’m “in charge of” at work in just under 7 minutes. Before I did this, I happened to notice The Sales Guy (aka my husband) sitting in our dark “junk room” (formerly known as the garage) completely illuminated by his computer screen. Looking angelic really. I was so excited to show him the iPad and my work stuff that I bounded down the hallway into the darkness. When I got there, he was STILL sitting there staring at a screen that looked like an old school version of Pac-man. At closer glance, it was his CRM system, where he is tracking customer information and opportunities. I couldn’t help myself, “What the heck is that mess?” With his head in his hands, he just groaned, “It’s my piece of sh*t CRM. They made things so complicated. All I need is a freaking quote – 55 fields later, I still don’t have it.” He asked me what I was doing so I showed him and all he could say is, “You need to come to my office and tell them how to set this up so I can get more stuff done. Like have dinner.” And, at that moment, I realized... I think I’m onto something here! With a lot of help and hard work from my-co-workers at Qvidian, of course. This may be the first time I realized that what I’m doing for work *can genuinely help people*. And I’ve struggled for some time feeling like I’m sufficiently smart (you be the judge) and work super hard, but that whatever I’ve done has made really no difference where things truly need help or count. If the application I’m working so hard to get into the market really does even a portion of what I think it can, this could mean The Sales Guy (and people like him) **get more work done more quickly and spend more time with their families and doing fun stuff**. Houston, I think I’m entering into a whole new galaxy and I’m ready for it! P.S. More to come on our new [Sales Playbooks & Analytics](/sales-enablement) application and how it might help you get more done!

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