5 Steps to User Adoption Victory


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Mar 01, 2016


Our excitement about Connect 2016 grows more each day!

Here is another guest post in our series of Connect 2016 Presenter posts giving you a preview of the value you will find at Connect. These posts highlight the impact customers have experienced from attending the conference, share key takeaways they'll feature in their upcoming speaking sessions, and showcase valuable content to help attendees prepare for Connect 2016.

Qvidian Connect 2016- Proposal Software

New and evolving technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Having seen how it can dramatically improve our lives, one would think that some human beings would be accustomed to embracing this technological evolution. Why, then, do so many people still resist change? They can be handed the greatest technology ever created and still, they cling tightly to their old ways. Why? Is it just part of being human or could it be how we position the value of the solution, how we approach training and support, and how easy or difficult we make it to find the help a colleague needs at the moment s/he needs it? 

We all know that Qvidian delivers time and process efficiencies, easy access to current and accurate content, risk mitigation through security features, consistency in branding across multiple departments and global offices, and more. Still, to achieve to those benefits, you first have to ensure user adoption. Being a Research and Content Management Lead at Accenture, I can tell you from experience that your approach can make all the difference, and with a little insight, building user adoption can be easier than you think.

What if I told you that there are 5 easy strategies that can help increase engagement? Would you also believe that you can achieve results without blowing your business development budget? Join me for “Hey Team, get onboard! – 5 Steps to User Adoption Victory” as we explore ways to get (and keep) your Qvidian users engaged! 

Session includes tips on how to:

  •          Enhance the user experience
  •          Establish a framework for success
  •          Make the most of FREE resources

Join me at Connect 2016 and see how easy it can be to maximize all the benefits Qvidian can deliver.

Lisa M. Orr                                                          

Content Management Lead



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