July 2016


Qvidian Announces Summer 2015 Release of Sales Platform

Source: eWeek

The update includes navigation and workspace improvements plus an enhanced user experience and enhanced email capability to send content directly from Playbooks.

Qvidian announced a new release of its sales execution software which boasts new features to further unify its content automation and digital sales playbooks offerings.

Product updates include personal views with saved searches and previous search history and the ability to drag and drop content and folders to easily import and export content.

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May 2016


RFPs & Proposals: Much more than a 'necessary evil'

Source: Sales Initiative

Forest through the trees. Whether you’re responding to inbound request for proposal (RFP) or proactively pursuing new business, proposals are vital to an organisation’s success and growth. Effective RFP management is directly linked to winning new business and increasing profitably. However, organisations often fail to invest in the right resources to properly support proactive and reactive proposal management and execution. Its original definition – a packaged sales presentation – falls short of describing everything that is involved in the document and the impact it has on an organisation. Seeing the larger picture and viewing this critical function more strategically, is the fundamental step to pivot from 'necessary evil' to effective and efficient best practices.

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February 2016


The role of sales analytics – what’s changing within sales teams?

Source: sales-initiative.com

Karen Meyer, Qvidian: There is an undeniably massive shift taking place in sales – and it’s the buyer. Buyers have evolved at an exponential pace, in part with how the internet has evolved dramatically. Buyers today are more educated than ever - even before approaching a sales person, they have typically spent hours researching and have a general idea of the solutions that are available to solve their problems. While the buyer’s role has changed over the years to be more informed, companies have not altered their selling approach and in order to be successful, this must change.

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October 2015


How CIOs Can Help Sales Teams Close the Deal

Source: CIOinsight.com

As selling strategies evolve and improve through technology, the role of the CIO has a more direct impact on revenue and commission for the sales team. Technology is becoming a key competitive differentiator for sales' success, as sales technology gets more sophisticated, with new products announced at a rapid clip. CIOs have the added responsibility of designing and implementing an infrastructure that integrates technology, content and training to showcase the company's capabilities for customers and prospects. 

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September 2015


The Missing Piece of the Puzzle: Content Automation

Source: business2community.com

Rapidly changing buying patterns are affecting more and more organizations’ growth, and it is clear that selling content is a very important component in the sales process for companies to achieve their goals. However, that selling content must be accurate, frequently updated, and easily accessible to selling teams in order for them to serve up the most relevant assets and specific to each selling situation. Personalization has also become the de facto necessity in selling, and buyers not only want it, they need it for them to navigate what is often a team buying experience.

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August 2015


Study Finds Effectively Managed Sales Content Can Boost The Bottom Line

Source: PPAI Publications

The content in business-to-business sales materials can make or break a client presentation, but companies aren’t always using the right sales content. The 2015 Content Automation Trends Report, published by sales solutions provider Qvidian, looks at how organizations are leveraging sales content to shift buying patterns that impact company growth and shape how sales reps sell.

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Less than 40% of B2B marketers say content marketing is key to closing deals

Source: Marketing Dive

Content marketing is an important channel for B2B marketing according to research by Qvidian, but marketers are finding its efficacy in closing deals a challenge.

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Your CMS Is Broken: Here's Where

Source: cmswire.com
Something about your content management system (CMS) is off. It's not easy to find content on it, even when it's been recently added. It doesn’t seem to, well, do what it is supposed to do — which is ultimately drive revenue. Sometimes, although you hate to admit this, your CMS is more apt to get in your way than help you. Something is wrong. You know this in your gut. Your sales and marketing people complain about it, too.
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Report: Brands need to up their content focus

Source: bizreport.com
Qvidian has released a new report that indicates while brands know content is important to their business, their processes for updating content continue to be a problem. The 2015 Content Automation Trends Report found while most (78%) agree sales content is key to success only half report that content is accurate....
"Understanding your buyers and knowing where they are in their process, aligning with them quickly in order to deliver the most relevant and personalized content assets, is key for sellers to deliver the most compelling value proposition to buyers," said Christopher Faust, CMO, Qvidian. "Content Automation is not just about right content, right time. It's about making it that much easier and faster for sales teams to find, access, assemble, and deliver a personalized buyer experience that provides greater value. Deals are not won with a piece of content. They are won because sellers aligned with their buyer and had better conversations.
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June 2015


The Best Software Companies To Work For In 2015

Source: Forbes
61% of employees working in Software 500 companies would recommend their company to a friend. 73% of employees working in Software 500 companies approve of their CEOs today. CEOs who earn positive recommendations on their performance can improve the percent of employees who recommend the company to friends by as much as 70%
These and other insights are based on an analysis of Glassdoor rankings of Software Magazine’s 2014 Software 500 list of the leading software companies globally. An Excel spreadsheet of 500 companies was created using the 2014 Software 500 as the baseline, with Glassdoor rankings added for the (%) of employees who would recommend this company to a friend and (%) of employees who approve of the CEO. 
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Clarity or Confusion - Sales Enablement..Wha?

Source: This Link
So what exactly is sales enablement? Maybe a better question is, what should it be? Even more important, what could sales enablement be in the future? These are the questions that preoccupy Christopher Faust, chief marketing officer of Qvidian.  Sales enablement now is largely confusion," Faust notes. Oh, that's where we started. But that's not the whole story.
Over the past decade, many "cool tools" and approaches have emerged that have enabled (there's that word again) marketers, salespeople, and sales managers to work insightfully and efficiently. Customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems have exploded in number, variety, and capabilities; however, although each new tool may be nifty and effective, build­ ing enablement tool-by-tool ends up adding complexity to the sales process -not necessarily a good result.


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May 2015


Qvidian Adds to its Sales Content Automation Platform

Source: Destination CRM

Qvidian's latest software release is focused on an advanced user experience with streamlined searching and navigation capabilities.

"We wanted to make it more accessible, previewable, and intuitive," explains Amanda Wilson, Director of Marketing at Qvidian. "We've added a bunch of capabilities around how [marketers and salespeople] view the content. We tie together guided selling and content in a sales context."


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March 2015


Maintain Your Resolution to Start a Selling Revolution

Source: The CEO Magazine

We’re nearly three months into 2015. Have your New Year’s resolutions begun to fade? Are your best intentions falling by the wayside? If so, you’re not alone. While personal goals may be slipping a bit, it is important to stay true to your professional resolutions. Whether you are getting a late start on your resolutions or simply need some inspiration to continue what you’ve started, here are a few small but important rules that have made an impact for Lewis Miller, CEO of Qvidian, in regards to improving sales team efforts, processes, and ultimately your results.

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February 2015


Don’t Just Onboard, Reinforce: HR’s Role in Cutting Ramp-Up Time for New Sales Hires


While unconscionably long ramp-up times have plagued sales forces for years, Christopher Faust of Qvidian says this issue really rose to the top of sales leaders’ minds this year. Overall, it seems that sales reps aren’t receiving the sort of training and support they truly need — and that means companies are missing out on potentially massive profits. “It’s not just a matter of recognizing it, but instituting change,” Faust says. “The fundamental thing that has to change for organizations … is to think about how they onboard and ramp up [their] sales teams.”